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A Broken Pole Can Lead to Many Problems

Broken Poles Can Lead to Many Problems

Broken poles may not seem like an issue we see very often. With that said, you may wonder if it’s really crucial that they get repaired immediately. After all, just because a pole is slightly broken, doesn’t mean that it’s dangerous, right? The simple answer to this is: wrong. The truth of the matter is, poles need to be replaced often and for multiple reasons. Let’s take a few minutes to discuss pole safety.

  • Inclement weather. True, we do not deal with a lot of inclement weather in Southern California. However, as the past year has shown us, rain and fire can cause severe damage. Not only can the weather cause damage to our homes, but also to our surroundings. 
  • Life span. Just like most objects, utility poles have a life span all their own. An electrical pole typically has a life span of around 60 years, and if the pole does not get replaced, can be an extreme safety issue.
  • Decay. While it is obvious that most utility poles are made of wood, it is not so obvious when there is decay. Due to insects, pollution, or even rot…poles can often be damaged well before expectation.
  • Broken poles lead to loose wires. The sad truth is that electrocution is way more common than it should be. Since electrical poles obviously carry a high voltage of electricity, if loose wires are involved, it can cause a huge issue for those around it.

A broken pole is nothing to be casual about. And, as was stated above, there are many reasons why there could be a broken pole. Therefore, it is imperative that a professional take care of the situation as quickly as possible. Riverside Electrical can make sure that a pole is standing erect in no time!



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