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Canned Lighting Can Benefit a Home Tremendously

Canned Lighting Can Benefit a Home Tremendously

Canned lighting is something that is often overlooked, but should it be? When it comes to the lighting in our home, often times a home maker will think of adding extra lighting. This extra lighting may be in the form of sconces, chandeliers, or even lamps. However, adding the extra wires tends to create clutter and actually detracts from the beautify of the home. Therefore, one way to beautify a home while also not adding to the clutter would be canned, or recessed lighting. Let’s discuss the benefits of this type of lighting.

What are the Benefits of Recessed Lighting?

  1. Bigger can be better. Recessed lighting can often create the feel that a room is bigger than it actually is. Having a room feel bigger than it is, is an extreme benefit especially if we live in a smaller home. 
  2. Wall washing. The Lighting Research Center says, “Wall washing illuminates a vertical surface with uniform brightness. Wall washing draws attention to the wall, and can be used to accentuate an entrance, fireplace, or artwork.” If we are looking to highlight a beautiful aspect of our home, or even a piece that we particularly love, canned lighting does just that.
  3. Safer. Safety is of utmost importance in a home especially if we have little ones. Since canned lighting does not require wires hanging, it eliminates the danger of plugs and wires from getting in the wrong little hands.

Creating a bigger space, wall washing, and safety are just three of the many reasons why canned lighting is such a benefit for our home. If you are looking to beautify your home without all the mess, let Riverside Electrical assist you with your lights. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call Riverside Electrical today to set up an appointment!


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