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Go Deeper Than The Surface – Infrared Inspections

Go Deeper Than The Surface – Infrared Inspections

Going deeper than the surface is important. Often times, what we see on the surface isn’t necessarily what we would see if we dug a little deeper. This is equally true when it comes to our electrical inspections. Of course if we didn’t notice anything wrong with our home, we would assume all is well. Because of this, it is often recommended that we have home inspections done from time to time. And, if we want a more reliable analysis, an infrared inspection is recommended. What exactly is an infrared inspection?

Facts About Infrared Inspections 

Many times electrical problems can be stopped before they get started by simply doing a regular inspection of your equipment. The most important pieces that we want to keep an eye on are those that carry a heavy or critical electrical load. Infrared cameras can see when a problem develops long before a failure occurs. What are the benefits of doing an infrared inspection on your home?

  • The old fashioned way of inspecting would be to physically inspect each and every electrical component. Infrared technology allows for the inspection of a large amount of electrical equipment without eating a large amount of time.
  • Few things are more frustrating than power outages. What can be worse than an outage, would be electrical fires or damage to your home. Infrared inspections help to prevent a small issue from turning into a larger one. 

With just these 2 reasons alone, you can see the added benefit of taking the extra step in protecting your home. Call Riverside Electrical today and allow them to inspect your home so that you and your family can stay safe. Our friendly front desk staff looks forward to hearing from you. Don’t wait till it’s too late, call today!



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