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Out With The Old – Pole Replacement

Out With The Old – Pole Replacement

“Out with the old, in with the new.” This saying is one that most of us are familiar with and basically means to move forward with life. Popular sayings such as these could be used in many different instances in life, and they usually prove true. When it comes to electrical pole replacement, that is most definitely the case. Why might an electrical pole need replacement? And why should you choose Riverside Electrical to take on the task? Let’s discuss the answer to these 2 questions.

Why The Need for Pole Replacement

As is the case with most things that need replacing, it is often due to a number of reasons. When it comes to pole replacement, the need might be because of weather. While Southern California doesn’t deal with harsh weather too often, there are situations that arise. Strong winds, heavier than anticipated rain, or even damaging earthquakes could be a likely cause. Another likely cause for a pole replacement could be due to age and wear. Even though these poles are obviously made for the outdoors, that does not mean they are immune to time and change. As the sun, weather, and elements beat down on the pole, it takes a toll. 

out with the old

Why Choose Riverside Electrical?

So then, you may be wondering why you should choose Riverside Electrical. We can do everything from getting the structural engineer’s calculations to actually standing the pole. Riverside Electrical can help you to determine if any permits may be required. Our company works closely with a few reputable crane companies that can stand a pole of any size.

So if you find yourself in need of professional, electrical work….look no further. Call Riverside Electrical today! You will not be disappointed with your decision. 

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