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A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way The word “little” naturally doesn’t make us think of big results. However, as the saying goes, “a little goes a long way”. This saying is especially true when it comes to upgrading our homes. While we of course would like to do big jobs every so often, money […]

Out With The Old – Pole Replacement

Out With The Old – Pole Replacement “Out with the old, in with the new.” This saying is one that most of us are familiar with and basically means to move forward with life. Popular sayings such as these could be used in many different instances in life, and they usually prove true. When it […]

Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting At first glance you may be wondering, what is recessed lighting? Well let us answer this question for you. Recessed lighting are fixtures that are set into walls or ceilings instead of on them. They can be commonly referred to as “canned” or “pot” lighting due to their shape. But, now that we […]

Tenant Remodels

Tenant Remodels If we are a homeowner, we always want to be sure that our tenants are comfortable. Along with feeling comfortable, we also want them the house to look nice, and inviting. With all of the house flipping, and remodeling shows on TV nowadays, we might think that we can take care of this […]

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient We may have lighting in our house that we haven’t needed to tamper with in years. Is it good enough to just have working lights? Is it possible that there is something better out there? One major renovation that we may be considering is changing our light bulbs so that we can guarantee […]

Pole Replacement

Pole Replacement Would you feel safe if you had a pole leaning in your front yard? Do you have children? Would you be able to let them play freely in the yard if, in fact, there was a leaning pole? Of course not. Therefore, it’s ever so important that we get a pole replacement as soon […]

Riverside Electrical

Riverside Electrical Have you been looking for a good electrician? Not just one that can get the job done, any electrician can do that. Rather, have you found an electrician that is honest, hard working, fair, and sincere? Seem too good to be true? Our electricians at Riverside Electrical are just that! You may be wondering […]

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting The beaming light of summer is beginning to fade. Long days are starting to get shorter. Are you finding it more and more difficult to see the area around you? When you arrive home at night, are you able to see clearly as you walk to your door? Making sure that we have ample outdoor […]

Generator Consideration Is Important

Generator Why do you need a generator? We may feel that we live in an area where they are not necessary. Snow and ice storms may be just two reasons that some may feel the need to purchase a generator. However, Southern California doesn’t deal much with severe winter conditions. So then, is it really pertinent […]

Dimming and Lighting Control

Dimming and Lighting Control Lighting control – is it really necessary? Dimming – do we really need it? Many believe that these options are just an accessory. Yet, many fail to see the real benefits of having them. What are they? Let’s name just a few. Money and energy saver. Light Logic says, “dimming a […]

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